I say this for a reason.

I’ll often say to folks at AAC – “Hey, I’ve got nothin better to do”.    And  I’m being serious – I don’t.

Then I heard it put like this today – “Workout like your life depends on it”.  Again, I like this, because it does.

Look, I get it – you, me, all of us…..we all have different parts of our lives that need cultivating – as you do with diligence.   Relationships, families – for you social people it may be good times, vacations, new friends, a new love.

Making yourself part of a fitness community makes it possible for you to give more to your family.  It’s already made you a better spouse, a more consistent, healthier provider, and a more dependable one.   You are a more enjoyable, agreeable person, and whether your family likes it or not, you will now officially  be on this earth for longer.

If your immune system is stronger, your heart, mind, hands, arms and legs are stronger – then your will is stronger, your resolve is stronger, then you’re living much much better  –  You are more attractive, positive, live with more passion, and have more to offer those around you.

Well done.

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