When I Was Obese

If you currently have 30 lbs or more of excess body fat, please come talk to me.  I am offering you an opportunity to make this it your top goal in your life to completely annihilate this problem, to look at it face face to face and beat it.

When I was obese, I thought differently, because I was not doing all of the thinking.  The fat I carried around controlled me biologically.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t just like you, and tried to lose it.  But I told myself a lot of lies.  Included in these lies:

-I can drink tons of alcohol
-I can eat pizza
-Being negative has no bearing on my health
-I guess this is just the way I am now
-I can afford make exceptions here and there

You see, when I talk to clients, I see all of the same thought patterns I myself had.

The one thing I told myself that saved me, was that I decided that needed to workout 2 hours per day until I was healthy.   This was not the most scientific approach, but it led me on a journey of success, of health, and to a new way of life.  Know that I understand both ways of living, each time we speak.

This is La Jolla, CA – I used to do the 2.1 mile swim here regularly when I began my weight loss journey.


Visceral fat is the type of fat that is stored inside of us, around our organs, designed to protect organs and store fat in the event we need it for energy.  Visceral fat responds and is reduced very quickly through exercise, and disappears before subcutaneous fat, just underneath our skin.

Good things that happen when we get rid of it:

-You will actually be smarter
-You will sleep better
-You will have a healthier heart
-You will have better sex
-You will have more money (reduced med. bills)

Not so goods……

-It sends chemicals throughout your body that increase inflammation
-It increases blood pressure
-Liver gets overwhelmed with cholesterol, leading to plaque buildup in the arteries
-Causes cancer, heart disease, arthritis, stroke and sexual disfunction
-Your metabolism is governed by the fat itself

-It is self sustaining, releasing chemicals which tell the body to increase belly fat

-Leads to Fat growth inside of arteries

-Plaque growth inside of arteries, causing high blood pressure

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