images (1)Losing weight is easy.  Just stop eating!  But losing FAT and KEEPING it off is a totally different story.  Especially for bay area fitness individuals who are busy and subject to fast food.

If you stop eating, you will simply kill your metabolism because every time you skip a meal, your body goes into starvation mode because its guessing that you may be starving.  Its why many people who go on crash diets, starvation periods, grapefruit diets, (etc) just gain fat afterwards.  Because they only found a short term solution(really not solution at all) to a long term answer(fitness).  So really, starving yourself isn’t the answer.

But if you want to lose fat and keep it off, you have to EAT every 3 hours in your Waking day.  Every time you eat, your body burns calories to digest and your body knows that you aren’t starving so it will be more likely to release energy and calories.  Look at the animal kingdom, you never really see a obese zebra do you bay area?

In addition to this, a big name in the health and fitness industry Dr. Fredrick Hatfield(holds PhD in multiple fields including sports sciences, motor learning, psychology, and sociology) interviewed hundreds of fitness professionals and studied data from multiple fitness field tests and found that restricting calories for 4-5 days and then eating normally for 1-2 days helped to gain real long term results in fat loss and toning rather then simply restricting food intake forever..

The reason for this was because without eating normally for a few days of the week, your metabolism basically just shuts down and slows and you lose muscle(your fat burning tissue that you want to KEEP).   This means that you should trim calories for these 4-5 consecutive days (cutting out 50-100calories per meal) and then eat like you usually do for 2 days to keep that sexy muscle tone.

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