The Strong Get Stronger

In my experience training people,there is a principle that stands out and screams to be noted and expanded upon as one of the MAIN principles of getting into perfect physical condition.  I have noticed in myself, and in the fittest people I have trained (those who work the hardest, the most consistently), that the strong get stronger, ie, they follow along  continuum reaching exceptionally higher levels of strength each year, and at an exponentially faster rate  than the rest.  As unfair as it seems, it is similar to the concept of “The Rich Get Richer” – quite similar.  I have noticed that, contrary to my studies which have expounded on a sort of law of diminishing returns in exercise, I have found the  opposite to be true  in certain contexts.  Why do I say this?  I will elaborate from both a practical, as well as a scientific perspective.

Every time I take someone for a workout, I am conditioning that person to perform an even more difficult exercise.  We strengthen the spine, to load more weight.  We strengthen the tendons in plyometrics, to better handle the stresses and propioception required in sprinting.  We do battle ropes to increase our back end intensity on all exercises.  We do medicine ball training to improve core, boxing and explosion – so that we can advance to drills that train not only strength but also speed and power.   Notice that each sequence of exercises goes up a level in intensity, enhancing the metabolic and pre/post calorie burning effects, once we are able to perform more difficult exerciese.  So what do we end up with when a person has reached a certain degree of aptitude in multiple disciplines like, let’s say olympic lifting, boxing and sprinting?   Or even more simply, once someone has a strong core, what advantage do they have?

Simply put, the fitter the person will ALWAYS experience these advantages:

-decreased total workout time

-less fatigue during and after workouts

-Improved capacity to intensify workouts, and perform more challenging routines, further optimizing one’s physical condition

Your total workout time will decrease, as your metabolism is faster 24/7, thus requiring less  effort to burn the same daily amount of calories.  Furthermore, someone who has perfect cardiovascular fitness, must spend only 30% as much time as the average person performing VO2 max exercises to maintain the same condition.    Why will you be less fatigued?  Improved vasodilation will feed you with more oxygen and blood.  Your muscle glycogen and Creatine storage levels improve by up to 70% in the fit person, thus further capacitating the body to perform higher work volume, for longer periods.  And if you have learned correct exercise protocols, proper warm- ups, streaching you will be less prone to injury.

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