I challenge you to start being physically active for 10 hours per week.


Here’s why:

It’s true that life is all about where you put your energy.  For example:

-Put energy into your job, and you become good at what you do.

-Put energy into relationships, and these improve.

-Put time and energy into saving and investing, and you become more financially viable.

So what about health and exercise?  Look, whether you have Plato’s view on exercise (he saw it as the scourge of the human race), or one closer to that of Michael Phelps, the above is still true.  The more time and energy you put into exercise and health, the healthier you will become.

This is what spurred me to challenge all of my clients to exercise/be physically active for a at least 10 hours per week.  This is less time than we spend eating, and as a percentage it is exactly .06% of the 168 hour week. Besides all of our public health agencies recommending this, and the direct connection between this and bodily improvement, my angle is different.  It’s all about the amount ENERGY we put into things that make us successful in any particular area, and it’s no different with exercise and health!

So I challenge you to do this and report back!  I can’t wait to hear the amazing and life transforming stories from all of you – I’m cheerin you on!

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