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There are a few things I’ve learned as a self employe Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, specifically about what approach to lifelong fitness works.  Here are some of those things I’ve learned:

1. Do not diet.  Rather, form the permanent habit of eating correctly (will require some time spent educating oneself).

2. Listen not to the latest fads and diet information, hence breaking rule #1.  Get your information from fitness professionals, not from professional marketers.  In college, the saying goes “cite your source”.  Good resources to get started on are Web MD, Bodybuilding.com,  and Harvard Medical School.

3. Your menu should consist of mostly plant matter and high quality protein.  That does not mean mostly pasta.  That means no pasta.  A past dinner, or a subway sandwich is not plant matter.   If you’re still eating this, you are not yet ready to change your body.

4. Understand that no amount of exercise can overcome a poor diet.  Don’t exercise extra hard because of what you ate, or are about to eat.  Self control is harder to obtain, and in the end is actually much less work.

5. Don’t eat food that is processed (is not in it’s natural state).  If you are staring at something, wondering if it’s processed, just ask yourself – “Has this undergone a process?”  Most likely, you will need to stay on the periphery of the grocery store, and stay out of the isles.

6. Men, add cardio to your weights workout – Women, add weights to your cardio workout.

7. Make your exercise fun, or you will not continue (think out of the box).  Don’t leave out anything – any form of human movement can be exercise.  Don’t limit it to any sport, indoor or outdoor.  Change as needed.

8. Understand that proper diet is more important than even exercise – much more.  This is the consensus of leaders in Fitness and in Medicine.

9. After following these steps, if your body is not changing, revisit this list and follow the steps even more closely.  They might sound boring or routine, but hey – that’s life.  These steps work –

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