Slam Dunking in Life

By Dan Piper, Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach,

I want to teach you how Michael Jordan took flight – How Boxers like Mohammed Ali and Floyd Mayweather became and stayed the greatest.

1. Make up your mind.
This is done over a coarse of months, even years.  If you have thought about something for one year or more, and now have a plan you are executing – never waver, and never go back on what you decided at the outset!   If you put this plan into place thoughtfully, if you gathered all of the data from input from doctors, friends, and people who you would like to emulate who are at the top of their game
then you were correct, so don’t ever doubt yourself about your mission, and why you will complete it, why you will see it through to the end.  This takes willpower forged in iron.

2. Take Flight
Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.  Do you think that Michael Jordan stood out from his team mates in the way he practiced and prepared?  You had better believe he did – Train above the rim, and not below – Yes –  Rise higher than the occasion requires.  Look at this picture above.   This is what I want you to do.   Schedule MORE workouts this week than is required.  Arrive EARLY.  Prepare to eat PROPERLY after your workouts – carbs and protein within 30 min. of working out – TONS of water, TONS of vitamins, TONS of greens – DO THIS 300 times this year, and then tell me how you feel at year’s end.  Put yourself inside of this photo, rise much much higher than the rest – then don’t look back.

3. Set the Conditions
Be exercising 10 hours per week (4 hours of resistance training, 4 hours of cardio – hill walking, bike, running, elyptical, treadmill 2 hours stretching).  Do not procrastinate in doing what is right.  Are you failing in your diet? Set an appointment with me.  Are you overly sore?  Set an appointment with and a massage therapist or with me to correct this.  Is that job getting in your way?  Change your schedule, and re-design your daily routine right now, today.  Is stress robbing you of your sleep? Go to and follow Elizabeth Scott, M.S.. Do you have negative friends, or friends with unhealthy habits?  Be an example to them. Let them watch you, as you reach higher, as you become a Michael Jordan and start SLAM DUNKING in life.

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