Russian Are Strong (The Impact of Strength Training)

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How Do You Become As Strong as The Russians?

Image: Pavel with  Dr. Stuart McGill

The below quote from McGill’s book, Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance summarizes why fallacy and improper protocols are proliferate in modern fitness reading throughout our Western culture, and everywhere you look.

“There is a notable contrast in developments within exercise science between the West (North America and Western Europe) and the East (the Former Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc), particularly since WWII.

“The East continued to perform scientific investigations into performance development in what we would consider today the fundamental understanding of motion and motor patterns.  In contrast, the West increasingly focused on cardiovascular components, with the Swedish influence and the publishing and promotion of very popular fitness books such as Dr. Cooper’s ‘Aerobics’.

“To be ‘fit’ in the West required a high MVO2 score.  We have measured many people with high MVO2 scores who do not have command of some simple motor patterns, and while they could run a distance, they literally would have trouble running with another simultaneous challenge – be it carrying a load or chewing gum!

“As a consequence, the exercise physiologists became fitness experts – many of whom had little or no expertise beyond cardiac and muscle hypertrophy issues.  Their general ignorance of musculoskeletal function has led to the proliferation of exercises which replicate injury mechanisms.  Many machines have been developed to isolate muscle and enhance hypertrophy to the detriment of performance.

“In contrast, the East continued to develop science on all aspects of fitness with application produced enviable results in international competition during this period.  Certainly over the last decade, the “Western” science has broadened and has created a place for an approach contained in this book.”

Writes Dr. Stuart McGill in his world renowned book, “Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance”.

A History of Strength

Below are Olympic records broken by Russians for decades, under the guidance of actual science.  And no one has ever beaten Leonid Taranenkos record either.  Taranenko’s combined total in 1988 for the snatch and clean and jerk was 475kg (1047 lbs.). This is the heaviest ever lifted in a competition.

Leonid Taranenkos record

strong as a russian

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Are You Ready To Get As Strong As The Russians?

By Dan Piper, CPT, RKC, FMS,

Strength Training at Dan’s Barbell and Kettlebell Club, Alameda, CA

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