Now is the time.  Not later. Now.

I have the complete power, will, support of friends and loved ones, and financial resources to change anything I desire about my life at any time.  I control the factors, my actions, my will, whether I smile or cry, until the day I die.  “I’ll try, and I can’t” don’t exist in my vocabulary/utterances.  “I will, I can, I must, I deeply desire and will effectuate these changes NOW” have taken the place of any and all unempowering phrases.

I am completely done with negativity in my mindset, even to the most infinitecimal degree.  I was not put on this earth to pick shit with the chickens, but rather to live a rich, meaningful and full life.  It’s my choice each minute how I want to live.

I have let go of all the excuses I used to use before, and am ready to change NOW – My actions that I take now will reflect the life I was always destined to live, not tomorrow, RIGHT NOW.

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