Can You Exercise Through Injury?

Do you have an issue with your body that’s preventing you from staying in shape?  Are you either recovering or preparing for surgery?  Do you love to exercise, but have an issue that’s making it near impossible?

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Welcome To Workout4Results

Dan and his team of specialists are ready to work with you and restore you to your best fitness level!  Do you suffer from upper or lower back pain, hip injury or suffer from knee and joint problems?  Are these preventing you from staying in shape?  Don’t let it get in your way!

You’ll be amazed at the changes that happen in your body, when you dedicate yourself and work with the right professionals.  Relax! You’re at the right place! Now, we have some work to do, so put on a smile and be ready to give it your best!

A History of Success in Rehabilitating Injuries

Dan has a history of working with Doctor’s to restore the ability to perform daily duties much more easily. Building a much stronger, more durable and dependable body in the process.  From major surgery after a severe accident to those suffering with a degenerative spine, Dan is that patient, knowledgeable person who will work with your doctor to bring back your strength, your health and your smile!

If you’re suffering from any of the below issues:

  • Sacro-Iliac joint disfunction
  • Shoulder pain/disfunction
  • Poor posture
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Hip Disfunction
  • Knee Pain/Surgery
  • Torn Rotator Cuff


barbell workout for lower back pain

Welcome To Workout4Results!

Dan is a certified practitioner of FMS, Functional Movement Systems, created by world renowned Physiotherapist, Grey Cook.  This system helps restore proper movement patterns with the human body, and restores function to those suffering with a myriad of movement impairment syndromes.

Dan’s state of the art facility allows for plenty of space and a calm atmosphere, right next to the water in Alameda.  Life is always going to be hectic, but this is a great, spacious place with all new equipment, where you can go forget about your worries and focus on your body!  We neglect our bodies all of the time, but here you can focus on it, never need to be be in a rush!

To book your first session call now +1 510-691-0359 or just get in touch via our Contact Page.