Producivity, and Pink Floyd

By Dan Piper, Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach,

Sitting down without changing positions, which is what half of us do for long segments of the week, is extremely unhealthy.  There is no amount of working out we or you can do to change this fact.  It’s currently being put on par with smoking by the health community.  Why?  Well, for one, our bodies were made to move, and change positions constantly. This is the opposite of what we do, most of the time. Ultimately, the only best way to combat the sitting problem is to redesign your job.  I believe that the healthcare costs associated with this are so immense, that many of our jobs will be redesigned anyway, so why not get a 10 year jump on this, and live a few years longer, and with fewer health complications?  My belief is that you should simply do this –  use your own creativity and change how you perform your job.  The next best thing is to sit with your feet up, and at 135%, changing from sitting to standing to lying down, to walking, to doing air squats, every few minutes.

The first picture is from one of my favorite Pink Floyd albums.  I laugh about this, as most of us could probably make our/their business more money if our workplace looked like this.  Of course, due to the stigma, this won’t happen soon – only when companies realize how much profits are affected will we change – and I’ve heard that not everyone likes Pink Floyd.  The best angle according to the best research, shows the best long term results from siting at a 135 degree angle, with our feet up.  You should change positions every few minutes still though.  Personally, I do the Pink Floyd thing with a back rest – it’s the ghetto version of what’s happening in this second picture. I get much more work done this way with little to no pain, and I change positions frequently, getting up for walks, chores etc quite often.  This company, Focal Upright <>  offers – a desk that let’s you sit and stand in any position.  It’s pricey, but it let’s you do what every leading study recommends, and it let’s you move.  Many folks have been using recliners with a healthy back support system for years, and would never change.  I’ll have to say that there’s some research on their side.  Lastly, I’ll leave you with an article on this topic, which offers some simple exercises on a video at the end, to combat the negative effects of sitting.

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