Nothing’s Changed.

By Dan Piper, Certified Personal Trainer, Strength Coach,


“Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning.”

Thomas Jefferson















This quote should give one serious pause. Now ask yourself:


If I were in shape, would I……….


Be happier?

Be a better lover?

Better savor each second of my life?

Be able to contribute more to this earth?

Have more children?

Raise healthier kids?

Have a better disposition?

Be a better human being?

Get more out of each day?

Be more spiritual?

Be able to get more done?

Live life more on my own terms?

Make more money?

Be happier?

Feel more empathy?

Have a more positive outlook?

Be able to fight disease?

Be able to live longer?

Be more of an asset to my family?

Be more attractive to the opposite sex?

Have more self confidence?

Feel awesome?

Have tons of energy?

Be more intelligent?

Be doing what the entire health community recommends?

Stay away from sickness?

Be able to go further in life?

Feel more vibrant?

Feel more creative?

Be more carefree?

Have better posture?

Have less stress?

Spend less on Medical bills and premiums?

Spend less time sick?


Think about it.

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