My Great Gym (why it’s one of the better gyms out there)


I love the gym I’ve made my place of business.  It’s called Alameda Athletic Club, and it’s been in operation since the mid 1970′s – more that can be said of most, which seem to change hands every few years.  If you need something a little more pretentious, you have plenty of options out there – this place is the opposite.  For training clients – which I do either here or at the beach nearby – it’s heaven.

Compare the photo below to Ronnie Coleman’s (8 time Mr. Olympia).  You won’t see much difference between the two.

1. The friendliest people I’ve ever met.

2. Staff and members have great attitudes

3. Free Towel Service

4. It’s neat, orderly, and the equipment works

5. There are some serious bodybuilders there, who are always ready to help others

6. The absence of pushy sales tactics

7. Roomy, never wait to use equipment

8. Includes a fully equipped boxing area

9. Has 100 lb plates, and bumper plates for Olympic Lifts, and tons of quality equipment not found in other gyms –

10. Not going out of business

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