To motivate. To offer ordinary people a new life experience, new vitality, a new point of view, accompanied by massive improvements in bodily and mental health.  To make training sessions the best time of one’s day, week and year.  To drastically elevate my client’s health at all levels, and to teach a lifestyle that allows if not optimizes this.  To never offer a fix for any health issue, diet or exercise, that is not 100% natural, healthy, and sustainable over a lifetime.  To always inspire, motivate, and encourage. To always lead by example, and to be an open book.  To work hard, always learning new methods and science.  To always pass along the best of what I know to everyone I meet, and to hold back nothing.  To show ordinary folks how to live better, by becoming and staying strong, and by the acquisition of healthy habits.  To be one of the best in the industry, and to constantly take lessons from the best in the world.  To train at only the highest level, with solid fundamentals based in the best science available today.  To help as many people as possible, and make a lasting impact in my community, and whoever I reach.  To avoid all fads, trends and crazes that are not founded on good science.  To motivate.

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