Live Well Today

By Dan Piper, Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, http://

I used the above picture to display, because you will be doing more of this in life if you are living well Today.  How does that sound?

Do you wish to think with 100% of your abilities, to live stress free, to be financially secure, and to stay in great health?

Take these 3 actions:

  1. Start by working out every day  (gym + outdoor cardio) and eating tons of green leaves and fruit, and only eating the highest quality foods.
  1. Decide to live more simply. This could be a job you don’t need, a bill you can get rid of, or something that you want to purchase, yet don’t actually need.
  1. Schedule your vacations for the year, right now.  Vacations are when our best thinking takes place – those moments of brilliance where we can reinvent ourselves, or write out a new blueprint for life – and let ourselves heal from life’s bumps and bruises!

So keep it simple, not complicated!  Follow the above steps, and you will have………well, an Extraordinary year – on soooo many levels.

Contact me to chat more, and if I can help you to get on track!

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