Kettlebell Beach

Our front door is 500 ft from Crown Beach, so we’re often found out on the sand. This gig is no joke. Want to get insanely strong, flexible and mobile? I will work with you and provide the guidance, paying attention to every detail as you become a muscular, flexible athlete. You will finally become the master of your body as I work with you on nutrition and lifestyle, and as you learn to master you’re body like an Olympian. The quality of this workout and the coaching  Kettlebell Beach is absolutely unmatched in the Bay area, but not in the industry. The network of certified RKC Kettlebell Coaches includes many world’s best coaches from the Olympics to the NBA.

Regularly at the studio you will see you’re fellow athletes hitting personal strength records. Don’t feel ready? Try out some more individualized sessions first – the average person feels confident  after a few sessions.


 Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday @ 7:00PM

Kettlebell Beach Pricing

Unlimited Classes $299/mo

Drop in Classes $27

2x per week $249