How to Recover for Comfort & Strength

Recovering From Exercise and Building Strength


recovering for comfort and strength


Look, recovery is an art, just like training.  I’m still learning it.  But master it, and you won’t walk around stiff and sore anymore, and you will be very strong.  Do I have your attention?  

Before you even walk out of the gym, start putting your recovery in motion.   The most inefficient thing to do is wait.  The sooner you start re-hydrating and you start the muscle, ligament, bone, joint, central nervous system repair and recovery process, the sooner you will be in complete comfort, have realized actual strength gain, and are ready to train again. IF YOU WISH TO RECEIVE THE TRUE BENEFIT OF YOUR WORKOUT, DO THIS:

Recovery Sequence:

1. Stretch and foam roll for 15 minutes after your workout.

2. Drink 1 liter of water (Water supports every metabolic function of the body)

3. Take these vitamins: Multi-Vitamin, Fish Oil, Turmeric, Echinacea, Amino Acids (at a bare minimum)

4. Eat Properly.  Eat right away – Carbs/Protein and plants

5. REST (I don’t care when – right now, at lunch, after work – TODAY) the important thing is that you bring your body into a restful state ASAP.  This let’s the recovery begin at a natural pace

6. Sleep 8 hours minimum.  This is when growth hormone is produced, inducing soft tissue repair and growth. If you are still trying to do all of this on 6 hours of sleep – it’s not happening.  You need 8 minimum to see the fruits of your labor, and to live right.

7. Ice, Heat.   Simple – Cold shower, hot bath.  Don’t think that filling the bathtub full of ice and sitting there is an extreme measure – athletes do it after every game so why shouldn’t we?  There is a 15% decrease in recovery time due to an ice bath – I’ll have one for all of you to use soon enough,  so that we ay  can recover like champions.

You see, recovery really is the holy grail in regards to fitness.  There are about 2 hours of deep recovery happening after each and every sporting event you watch on TV- Doctors, Physios, Trainers, Coaches are all there, all involved.  Why?  To put players into recovery immediately – so they can heal, stronger, with less pain, more quickly.   You deserve the same.

<I am currently putting together a workout recovery drink that includes the above vitamins, along with some other key recovery herbs – Kava, Chlorella, and Blue Algae.  Come see me for a taste of my new recovery serum!>

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By Dan Piper, CPT, RKC, FMS,

Rehab and Sports Medicine at Dan’s Kettlebell & Barbell Club, Alameda, California

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