Go Ahead and Eat

By Dan Piper, RKC, FMS, Dan’s Kettlebell and Barbell Club

Hello Awesome Athletes – 

As a group of people who have taken on more responsibility in life, you will need to accompany this with HEAVIER EATING. 
Now I said that –  “Heavier Eating” so that you would actually read the rest of this article – one that I want you to take to heart. And I mean what I said – you will need to eat  both hardier and heavier meals to achieve what you want to in you’re business and work lives, to live a healthy, slim, and strong existence – oh, and also to fight cancer and heart disease.  

I’ll break this into quick points, but first, don’t forget the main point – EAT HEAVIER and HARDIER.  You’re goal for each and every meal is to become satiated. But what does this mean and why?

  “I will not bother eating unless the
 meal is at least 800 + Calories
  (500-600 for women)”

Ok, first of all – – – I’ll need you to get very honest. So honest, that you might need to write down everything you’ve put into you’re body this week. Why? Why can’t we just read this and move forward, learning what you’re saying, Dan?  Why do you assume, Dan, that I’m NOT being honest with you, with myself and with my body? I don’t. But I assume you do what I do, what we all do – we omit truths to ourselves when having this conversation.  
Here’s the gist of this piece I’m writing for you on a Sunday morning, all at once – but I have said it thousands of times, and found this statement to NEVER penetrate into someone’s being – even once after 5 years of Training in Alameda, full time.  
“Do not eat  or drink anything that is processed”.  
I can honestly say, that if you do this, you will be able to eat heavier, hardier, larger portions, with little to no control or focus on what you’re even doing at all, as long as it falls under this one simple ideal.  It’s an ideal that we lived with for millions of years, that, once abandoned in the mid to early 1900s, spiked an obesity epidemic never before observed in humankind.  Simply break free from processed food, and you will be able to eat pretty much WHATEVER YOU WANT. Let’s let that sink in. Now don’t be afraid to come up to me and ask if this or if that is processed, or what processed or non-processed food even is – it’s ok – you’ve not been exposed to it enough, so may need to be reintroduced to what it actually is. Basically, it’s anything that’s gone through a process.  So…..When you’re buying food and find it in a state that was not available, let’s say 100 years ago when this obesity epidemic began – don’t buy it.  
What do you mean by “Eat Heavier, Hardier etc?” Exactly what I said.  Here’s what I had for breakfast this morning, and I want you to have this experience also – 

Thick black eyed pea soup, beans made from scratch, lightly salted with olive oil – 

3 Extra Large scrambled eggs

Diced tomatoes and yellow squash, pan seared

Fresh top quality fruit juice mixed with carrot juice 

(because I’m physically active, I’ll throw 2 slices of whole wheat bread on top of that, or add rice to the peas) 

My lunch was just as protein rich, heavy and hardy – I did not get hungry before lunch, because I was completely satiated.  I live in this manner. Yesterday, by the way, I had steak and eggs – so very heavy, very hardy. Very high in calories.  Yes.  I take this rule quite seriously – I will not bother eating unless the meal is at least 800 + Calories (500-600 for women). One could climb Mt. Everest with either meal – because now the body has what it actually needs – you’re SATIATED.  
My point is this. When you stop feeding you’re body garbage, and start feeding it what you need – ie. fat, protien, seeds, legumes, greens – then you will STOP GETTING HUNGRY. You’re body will keep asking you to feed it until it finally gets what it needs. This is why you can eat an entire pan of birthday cake, but only one serving of veggies and steak and you’re DONE. This applies in every scenario. So I’ll not make this article a manifesto on eating – simplicity is key in fitness and in life, last I checked.  So just remember – 
1. Eat lots of fat, lots of veggies and lot’s of fiber, all unprocessed every single meal – and don’t wait until dinner to start eating the 4-5 servings of veggies you’re body needs daily.
  2. Eat to satiate yourself. After every meal, I want you to feel like after Thanksgiving or New Years Eve dinner – is that so bad? I challenge you to do this. Take the plunge and disavow everything we’ve learned that hasn’t worked. We only got fat as a society when we stopped doing this – or do you need to see some black and white pictures of humankind back in you’re grandparent’s age…?  Just do it, and then then don’t eat until the next meal. 
 3. Make breakfast a HUGE daily meal, don’t eat “Breakfast Food” (bagel and cream cheese, cereal) unless it accompanies some steak, some beans, some veggies. BREAK the FAST.  If you haven’t eaten since 7 pm, and won’t eat a full meal until Noon, congratulations! You are truly and effectively starving yourfself and exposing yourself to cancer, heart disease and sickness for most of every day – not to mention lots of mood swings and accompanying poor judgement. Look at the clock – If you’re doing all of you’re eating between noon and 8 pm, then you’re life will change when this does.  
So eat, eat, eat!!!  Whatever you want to. Please do it.  It’s a zero sum game – so if you eat trash, you won’t be able to give you’re body what it needed for millions of years – and by the way, it still does. Go eat a some beans, a brisket or some some fish, some veggies, some whole wheat rolls (processed but whole – so 2-3 slices of bread daily are ok).  
Now go stuff you’re face and enjoy you’re Sunday:)

Examples for you’re reference: 

Side salad that’s packaged –

This could go either way. You will lose weight and feel healthier by selecting to eat non-packaged salads – ie – non processed.  Sure, we can fight on this one – but be careful – there’s many people living healthy and well who are mindful enough to pick their produce carefully – I see the packaged salads at 7-11 all the time when I’m getting coffee at 5 AM – do you honestly think that I’ll be healthier eating this, or stopping by Dan’s produce and getting quality ingredients straight from the farm with out pesticides, and making it myself, not to mention the money saved. So yes, you need to be this discerning in you’re diet for a few years before you can start making exceptions – I picked this example first for a reason –


Eat high quality bread only – that’s whole grain.  Don’t eat 5-6 slices.  The more rice you eat and the less bread, the faster you’ll drop those lbs you’re holding onto.  Try it.  I stopped eating bread for years, and learned that you won’t need to – just follow this guideline.


This should be the centre of you’re diet, next to veggies.  Eating protein  = huge weight loss.  Protein is made up of peptide bonds that must be broken down in order to be digested.  Because they take the body some effort to break down, this causes a caloric burn that drops weight – so merely the habit of eating diets high in protein (and fibre every meal) will make you drop fat, and let you’re muscles get the nourishment they need.

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