Get Fit, Stay Fit, for Life!


Here are the basics – and this is where a life of being fit forever begins.  Starting out in getting your body fit is never easy.  Once you get that fit body, the rules change, often drastically. After you hit your goal, there is more leeway for you, and you can mess up sometimes.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that the most fit people can eat the most – probably twice as much as most people,  – this just adds fuel to the fire!  Once we add 20 lbs of muscle to you, and you have gotten down to the size you swore to reach, have at it!  That is the prize at the end!  That doesn’t mean you can drink every night of the week, or binge eat all of the time – nobody can stay fit that way.  But you CAN walk on the edge once or twice per week.  But you must earn this first.  For most of you, that is the end.  But unfortunately, that is not now.  Too many people I know say the exact same thing – “I was mostly good this week, but i’m getting serious again”.  There are a million ways to say this, but it’s all the same.  When you are losing weight initially, it takes the dedication of a Tibetan Monk, or better yet, the strength and discipline of a free-diver.  If you are a free-diver (one who dives deep under the water with no air source), if you take water into your lungs instead of air, and you are done, finished.

 Your chances are THE SAME if you are trying to lose weight, but keep lying and/or making excuses to yourself/others, saying “This is a special occasion, it’s ok just this time”, or “I just had a couple of drinks, so I can have just a little extra food, just tonight”.  My question to you is, if not now, then when?  I’m sorry, but just like the free diver, who would be done, kaput, so are you.  To us, making little exceptions here and there, is  like water is to a diver’s lungs.  They both defeat us completely.  YOUR TIME WILL COME when you can slip up!  But not until you get there!  Let’s do this the easy way – the way that takes about 10-14 months for most people who dedicate themselves.  This is the hard part!  And then it’s over. So let’s not prolong this.  And once you get there, the  the maintenance will be easy!

For those of you on this path, I have posted probably the most basic article I’ve ever read on how to hit your goal.  And it’s probably the best one too.  I want to say right up front that breaking rule #3 which takes 3 minutes per day, and by not following it TO A T, is why most people fail.  I’ll just comment on one more thing – If you doubt rule 4, then, well, there is a preponderance of evidence supporting this – ie. compare our population to other continents full of skinny people who walk a lot-  there you have it!


How can you lose weight and keep it off for good?

Successful dieters in the National Weight Control Registry, a group of 10,000 people who have lost 30 pounds or more and maintained that loss for a year or more, have developed many weight-control strategies. For instance, they:

1. Follow a low-calorie, low-fat diet of about 1,800 calories a day.

2. Keep track of food intake.

3. Count calories, carbs or fat grams or use a commercial weight-loss program to track food intake.

4. Walk about an hour a day or burn the same calories doing other physical activities.

5. Eat breakfast regularly, often including whole grains and low-fat dairy products.

6. Limit dining out to an average of three times a week, and fast food to less than once a week.

7. Eat similar foods often and don’t splurge much.

8. Watch fewer than 10 hours of TV a week.

9. Weigh themselves at least once a week.


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