Your Fitness Seasons



When you reflect upon your fitness life, you might think back fondly of what it was like throughout the various phases of your progress.  You may think of where you were, who you worked out with, and how much different you feel now.

I can reflect back upon many seasons in my fitness life – Back to highschool football – hell week!  I can remember going to a wide open football field in Newport Beach before going to the office, lacing up the cleats, and just opening up the throttle for about 15 + 100-200 yard wind sprints.  I can remember the phase and the thrill of having a Professional Boxer, Nick Zavala, as my trainer – the fear and exhilleration I would feel getting into the ring with him!  I can remember the phase when I swapped all supplements for a healthy diet, and started hiking mountains on the same day I would strength train.  I remember the phase when I was able to finally afford to swim at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, and studied and practiced swimming with better form.

As an exercise enthusiast, you should let yourself have these seasons – and welcome them!  Is there a sport you would like to play – like softball or tennis?  I have two clients who like to swim, and are starting up again – Have you ever enjoyed horseback riding, mountain climbing, or just hiking up in the hills?  Doing a variety of things to keep fit makes you become more resourceful, and increases your odds of staying fit.  If you have things to do outside in the Summer, and indoor/outdoor stuff to do during the winter – you will be living a life where you aren’t constantly in jeopardy of letting your body fall into atrophy.  What’s nice is that all of the things I just mentioned are inexpensive, and a better investment of you time many of the other options.

Are you feeling like you need a new routine?  Hey – it’s a New Year – so shake it up a bit!  Invite a new season of fitness, learn a new sport or skill – What are some ideas?

-Some Bicycle shops host weekly rides (Alameda Bicycle) has a many many hikes that take place daily (I like the Sierra Club hikes on Meetup the most) AND – many go out to eat      afterwards – making is hyper-social
-Start swimming at the local Community College or at the local lap pool
– Lawn bowling
-Local Softball leagues

~You can chat with me any time for more ideas, and how to enhance your fitness life, or if I can support you in entering a new season   :)~

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