Eat Good Stuff

Please only read this article only if you are serious about getting results.  It’s what I do.

Ever heard the expression, “Everything in Moderation”?  I’m a big fan of this strategy when it comes to eating, and exercising.  I exercise a lot, don’t get me wrong, to keep the heart, muscles and bones healthy and for many reasons.  But much less to burn off the excess of what I ate yesterday.  An example for me would be, I’d rather make a simple, healthy eating choice for dinner tonight, than take an extra hour out of my day tomorrow to work it off.  So eating healthy is also time efficient.

In my experience, most people out there who truly are serious about getting into awesome shape, need to COMPLETELY change  the way they eat.  That means, throw out all of your food, erase any and all conceptions, notions and understandings of what food is and what it’s for, and start over completely, as if you were a toddler.   The odds are stacked against us.  The restaurants we eat at operate for a profit, not usually for our health benefit.  The markets do also.  You are in a hurry, you stop, and you eat.  And there you have it, because chances are it’s unhealthy.  Despite the fact that it takes less time to make our own food, exactly what we need to do, than it does to get in the car, leave work, park, wait in line, wait for someone to make your food, who doesn’t care about you’re health.    Just like working out, in order to get healthy, live, eat, think and breathe healthy, we need to take the INITIATIVE! .  We need to find healthy places to shop for food that have quality.  We need to take ownership and cook more, and learn ways to cook simply and quickly.  And we need to always be trying new ways to make this possible in your lifestyle, ie. finding tuperware that fits in your desk/refrigerator/backpack, try new healthy dishes, and focus on eating healthier ALL OF THE TIME.  After all, you are serious about living fit, aren’t you?



As a Personal Trainer, one of my roles is to model how to eat well for others.  So I’ll tell you what I do, and then you can decide if this works for you.  First and foremost, I like to have a pretty good understanding of what I’m eating, what it does for my body, and why exactly I need to eat it (or why I don’t).  As I spend a good percentage of my life eating (and spend a fair amount of money on it), I prefer to understand food pretty well.  I like to read from the best sources available.  I only take advice from people who are recognized as experts in their fields of study, and I always research opposing viewpoints, just like taking advice from a doctor or an attorney.  I’m always learning each day, so I study, I read, and I apply what I read. You should do the same, so don’t let someone else study and read for you – it’s too important, and too vital to your health!

Second, I only eat natural, unprocessed foods.  If it’s been processed, you body won’t process it well.  Processed foods are most of what is found in the market.  So I walk the periphery, and shop what is not processed.  The only process the food I like to eat goes through, is my cutting and cooking it.  I love spices, but exclude most sauces.  Processed foods include bread and sandwich meat (highly processed).

Third, I eat TONS of plant matter!  Yes, I said TONS.  Let’s examine what I had today for breakfast and for lunch.  For some of you it sounds a lot like dinner – sorry – I don’t do “Breakfast Food” – as the body needs what it needs – which is lean in natural proteins, vitamins and minerals – and it needs this all of the time.  For Breakfast/Lunch I had 2 Plantains sliced and fried in olive oil, 1/2 of a sweet potato, black eyed peas, an avocado, and thinly sliced, pan seared chicken.  For flavor, I put lemon and green chile sauce on top (100% chilies with zero additives). On the side I had one Mango, and two peaches.  I spent 20 minutes preparing this, yes, 20 minutes preparing Breakfast and Lunch (you develop some speed!).  I ate all of this as I worked, and probably made about 4-5 trips to my tupperware dish to eat it all.  Before I left work to go home for my break, I finished the rest of the fruit.  Notice that this meal consisted almost entirely of PLANT MATTER, right in line with Jack Lallane’s philosophy, who was a healthy eating/fitness icon for over a half a century.

Never once did I have to leave work to eat, nor was I forced to snack on something unhealthy.  I never had to walk up the street and take a lot of time waiting in line, starting the car, parking, and overpaying.  I was more productive because I was never hungry, and I never had to gorge on a large amount of food to fill my stomach, avoiding drowsiness.  The only thing I could reach out and grab was healthy food.  Day after day, month after month of eating like this makes quite an effect!

So in brief, this is some advice on eating.  But it’s only for those of you who are serious…who truly desire results, who want the body of an athlete, and who are willing to exactly what is necessary in order to achieve this.

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