The Best Strength and Sports Performance Training in Alameda, California

You’re here to get strong. The process of getting there is simple. Strength Training and Cardio, eating non-processed natural foods and rest. These are the building blocks of strength. In my new studio located close to Oakland, in Alameda, I provide a super positive, fun inspired learning environment to get you on your way to strength.

Individual Coaching

Do you like individualized experience? Do you have special goals? This is for athletes who are in a phase where they prefer closer guidance. Rehabilitation sessions are also best done in this setting, at least at first, or folks with with special concerns. I have great sports Doctor on my team to make sure you get appropriate care for your injury.  Kettlebell Club is free for these athletes who train Individually, so you will be able to take advantage of a workout most every day.

Semi-Private Coaching

Here’s an affordable alternative to private coaching, this is for people who need top notch training and programming, and who like to work together in small teams of 2-5 people on individual goals.

I specialize in:

Full Body Alignment

Injury Rehabilitation


Kettlebell Training

Olympic Lifting

Strength Training


Functional Movement