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FMS Certified

How to Exercise Using the Functional Movement System (FMS)

FMS, the Functional Movement Screen and Certification, was originated by Gray Cook, one of the world’s foremost Physiotherapists.

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Gray Cook MSPT, CSCS, OCS, RKC Kettlebell Instructor

Ouch!  Which exercises hurt, and cause us to forego them?  For many it’s the deadlift, or some version of the squat or lunge.  For others, it’s the the walkout.  Many hate doing the kettlebell get-up, due to poor hip movement patterns and limitations.  Guess what – there are exercises that I have serious hangups with also —-most trainers and athletes do. Continue Reading…

How to Recover for Comfort & Strength

Recovering From Exercise and Building Strength


recovering for comfort and strength


Look, recovery is an art, just like training.  I’m still learning it.  But master it, and you won’t walk around stiff and sore anymore, and you will be very strong.  Do I have your attention?   Continue Reading…