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Your Gut – The Last Thing I’m Worried About

Dan Piper, RKC, FMS, CPT, Kettlebell Beach, Alameda, CA

As a Trainer, the last thing I’m worried about is you’re gut. YOU might have come to me asking how to get rid of it, but I’m really not concerned.  Seriously. I’m not.  I’m not concerned as there are usually some issues to address first, that, unless they are, that gut’s never going to go away. Oh – here’s the flip side which is exciting – If you do take care of things in the right order, you can learn to control you’re weight and metabolism for life, and never have to come back to this juncture again! I mean – how many times have you been through this already!? In other words, if you train for looks, you will fail most likely as it’s the same exact thing as treating symptoms, vs route causes. Your gut is a symptom.  You’re gut is not all bad, and most of how you’re conditioned to think about fat is highly culturally specific, regionally specific, and usually wrong.  I’m not saying that you should be fine with high body fat, and that you shouldn’t want to get rid of it. But I will definitely do my best to keep you from making the mistake everyone does, which is to treat the symptom – this sums up much of Western Medicine (which on it’s face is interesting, as the Western world houses most of the world’s Obese people). Which leads me to why I wrote this article and why you may need to change you’re thinking about things…..

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Fighting Cancer with Strength Training

Dan Piper, RKC, FMS, CPT,  Alameda, CA

In my years training, I’ve had some people come to me for reasons other than simply getting into shape. After the results of some major studies on the subject were released in the last few years showing how powerful exercise is in fighting many types of cancer, the Medical community has been sending their patients looking fighting Cancer, to Fitness Professionals, to teach them the art of strength training. After having taken on some of these cases as a Personal Trainer, I can only say what I’ve heard back from the Doctors and patients perspectives on the effects both before, during and after their treatment – it helped.

So I’ve complied some facts through research, and I wanted to put some more information on the topic out to the public to create awareness, one that I’ve found to be quite interesting and inspiring. I’ve gotten to play a small role as a Strength Coach of some people who have fought and won against Cancer.  These were hands down the most rewarding experiences I’ve had, as the impact that our strength training program had on different types of cancer was astounding.  In short, we kicked it’s butt.

    How Strength Training Fights Cancer

More Muscle/Lean Body Mass = Lower rates of Cancer  

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Go Ahead and Eat

By Dan Piper, RKC, FMS, Dan’s Kettlebell and Barbell Club

Hello Awesome Athletes – 

As a group of people who have taken on more responsibility in life, you will need to accompany this with HEAVIER EATING. 
Now I said that –  “Heavier Eating” so that you would actually read the rest of this article – one that I want you to take to heart. And I mean what I said – you will need to eat  both hardier and heavier meals to achieve what you want to in you’re business and work lives, to live a healthy, slim, and strong existence – oh, and also to fight cancer and heart disease.  

I’ll break this into quick points, but first, don’t forget the main point – EAT HEAVIER and HARDIER.  You’re goal for each and every meal is to become satiated. But what does this mean and why?

  “I will not bother eating unless the
 meal is at least 800 + Calories
  (500-600 for women)”

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Kettlebell Swing for Fat Loss

Huge Fat Loss and the Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swings are huge for fat loss, period.  I can safely say that if you’re seriously into kettlebells and the swinging of them – it is usually difficult for one to keep weight on one’s body.

I really want you to note something.  This is not just an exercise that will help you in your journey.  It’s not just something that you can add in because it will probably work.  Swing a kettlebell 300x per day, twice per week and work your way up do doing this every day, and we completely remove that word – “probably”. Continue Reading…