Beating Bad Food Cravings



You are driving down the street, just took care of those errands, you worked out…BANG!!!! YOU ARE SO HUNGRY – Right? Isn’t this how it goes?  If you are like me, and are ALL ABOUT being more fit and living better – you are in danger.  You are in danger, because you are about to make one of those exceptions again.


((If you are reading this from across the world, or out of this area – apply this with healthy eating establishments in your immediate area))

1. Go directly to the Marketplace, park your car, take a deep breath.

2. Go to one of these 2 places,  and you will be eating healthily within 10 minutes (faster than going to KFC, Jack n the Box, Pizza, or a for a huge Mexican Burrito)

a. Greens n’ Grains – order a GIANT tasty salad – you won’t be hungry for at least 4 hours

b. The Sushi Place

Congrads!!!   Guess what…..this works EVERY single time.  You WILL lose weight this way – it’s called self control.  You get the point, though.  As soon as you get an unhealthy food craving, cram down something super healthy, and I promise you, that bad food craving will be gone.   This is what I do.  After 5-6 sessions in the morning, you better believe I want to go to all of the bad places – that’s my nature!  But fill up on the good, not the bad – and you will live better as a result!  And when you eat well, you will be better nourished – so you won’t get hungry nearly as often.  Try it!!!

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