Be Fit and Original


By Dan Piper, Certified Personal Trainer,


You can pursue fitness any way you like.  No one can state foryou what fitness is accurately, because they would have to step into your being.  So why do we all do similar things then on our journey?

I posted the above photo of a Hacky Sack competition, because if one wanted too, they could use a hacky sack to stay in shape for life… IF, you rejected the mantras.

What are these mantras, and why am I so against them?  Well if anything, I’ve been a part of them lately – yes, I got sucked into some of the industry hype!  You know what I mean….
-The Instagram videos
-The Edgy looking websites and training methods
-The six pack look

I do not apologize for going through some evolution on the way to becoming the best Trainer I can possibly be.  But I just want to call BS on a whole slew of behaviors that have come to identify with less and less.

And for your continued reading, please what Molly Gilbraith, owner of Women Gone Strong, has to say in her article titled “Is Being Lean Really Worth It”

Go Big or Go Home 
My response “Just do what’s needed”.  In North America, I’ve noticed that we try to balance one extreme with another.  When I see someone going extremely hard now in the gym, I know that they are simply balancing something else out in their life, that they don’t  currently have a handle on.  They don’t have the science, haven’t done the research, and sure as hell wouldn’t listen to me, so they are on display for all to see their struggle.  They think I/we care how hard they are trying in the gym.

Check out my Six Pack
Dan’s response “Get a freakin life – because you have NONE”.  Look, at 42 years old, I’ve climbed this mountain.  In order to do this I …..
1. Walked away from a career and started doing physical labor
2. Earned less that 50k for 4 years in a row
3. Sacrificed all hobbies and much social life
4. Get cold very easily if the wind happens to blow
5. I became more shallow, lost some points on my IQ – because I           was reading much less than before – haha!
6. I’m still not sure who I was making all of these sacrifices for – you/them, or for me personally – and this is SAD.

Live to Workout (Clothes, body, hair, attitude)
This is a li’l similar to the first mantra.  These are the folks who workout after working out, and also before. They’re always talking about their body, and what everyone else is or is failing to do fitness-wise.  It doesn’t matter how many character flaws I have, how I act – I have a body that is above reproach, so don’t even question me.  This is the gist of it…..

Ok this approach does not work either.  Even if you take neither of the above approaches nor agree with the mantras, just know that you needn’t be affected by these errant psychologies – ever!  Not one can, nor will be sustained for long as a healthy modality.

Try incorporating these principles instead.

-I need to be physically active daily, it doesn’t matter how
-I can work out as hard as I want to, but unless my life has changed and I have incorporated a whole bunch of highly recommended healthy habits, nothin’s goin on in terms of change
-Each day, I’ll be (not try to be, because you are playing with death now, and you are smarter than this) physically active, and I’ll apply my brain towards life’s rythms with the help of my coach to strike my own unique and effective balance.  There ain’t no amount of showing off and swearing and yelling I can do in the gym to change myself for the better.
-I’ll do things regularly to make my life different and healthier.  I’ll plant plants, I’ll weed weeds, I’ll take walks…..because all of this is free.

And this is what living healthy is all about.

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