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Tip the Balance.  Healthy actions make a healthy life.  How many healthy vs. unhealthy actions do you take each day outside of the gym?  Which actions did you do more of, healthy or unhealthy?  Examine your habits/actions over a month, and ask yourself the same in 30 days?  If you have tipped the balance of your actions and habits towards healthy ones, you will see the bodily results.  The summation these actions make more of an impact than just working out.Typical actions in a given day, and their health rating (Healthy, Unhealthy, Neutral)


Breakfast  = Healthy    (Almost nobody loses or maintains weight without eating a healthy breakfast)

Road Rage = Unhealthy

Worked for 14 hours with no breaks = Unhealthy

Worked 14 Hours with short breaks each 2 hours, walked and did floor exercises at lunch, performed 2   micro-workouts during my shift  that I asked my Trainer how to do,  ate thoughtfully all day    long, took a 30 minute nap  in my car, watched everyone order pasta for lunch, instead had steak and rice  with salad, they had 3 drinks, you had a Shirley Temple = Healthy

Took Vitamins Dan Recommended = Healthy

Scheduled Flu Shot = Healthy

Act of Kindness = Healthy

Received a letter from the IRS, and skin turned white = Unhealthy

Watched on the news that you purchased the winning lottery ticket = Healthy

Cooked = Healthy (Cooking your own food is always healthier than letting someone else choosing what goes into your body)

Gym   = Healthy (Don’t let this mask the unhealthy things you do, or I’ll see you in 20 years with the same old body)

Cleaned = Healthy (Moving is healthy.  We’re obese in America partly because we don’t move enough)

Got Married = Healthy

Signed Divorce Papers = Healthy (just kidding)

Departed Early = Healthy

Departed Late = Unhealthy

Played Chess = (OK, I’m gonna call this one healthy – you slowed down, you are socializing, intellectual stimulation is excellent for us – so yeah, this is a healthy activity)

Ordered a Jumbo Big Bite Hot Dog at 7-11 with a Large Mocha = Unhealthy, unless you are going on vacation, which is healthy, but we will have some work to do when you get back to the gym

Work  = Neutral   (but you could make work healthy by playing basketball at lunch, performing 10 minute power workouts at work, using a sitting desk, walking and working out at lunch, but you have to WANT IT to change this, and not mind being different than the rest

Errands = Healthy (OK, don’t be a stress case like me….but errands can help you burn a TON of calories) – Try bringing sliced grapefruit and nuts along, to avoid stopping for fast food

Payed Bills = Neutral/Unhealthy  – bring the balance back with a nice walk

Lunch  = Healthy (Sure lunch is healthy – but if you eat out in Alameda, see my previous posts on some suggestions from your fellow clients… or pack a well thought out lunch from home most days, and you will be many pounds lighter by year’s end).

Watched the News = Neutral

Meetings =  Neutral, but go ahead and label this one healthy if you excuse yourself and stand up for the duration

Spoke to the Neighbor = Healthy (socializing makes us happier.  Happiness lowers cortisol, which helps us process fat more easily)

Plan the week  = Healthy  (reduces stress/cortisol – less stress helps you recover better from workouts)

Ate Out = (Healthy if it was 1. Social 2. You ordered with well) Otherwise, the studies show that folks who eat out constantly don’t lose weight – so be mindful, and don’t think that you are the exception.

Cracked open a beer when you got home, sat down and turned on the game, while the dog looks at you sadly through the sliding glass window = Unhealthy

Cracked open a beer, and started playing catch with the dog = Healthy (up for debate)

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