Awe is Healthy?


High on my life’s priority list is creating time to climb mountains, to take adventures, and to travel.  It turns out this is a healthy goal to have!

It’s undeniable.  We must do things often that are awesome.  Those of you who follow me and have read my free “Get Fit Guide” know that I advocate becoming healthy in every way, so that you have many supporting factors to keep you healthy, other than a gym habit.  People who are always adding to their lives by pursuing passions, who are simply living their lives on their terms -happen find an easier time staying healthy.  This is why I’m often asking athletes if they have a vacation planned.  And some of you have also asked me that – which I appreciate!

         “Studies find the emotion of awe may make people more empathetic, trusting, generous and humble”

(I believe that the essence of success is in one’s ability to get along with others)

You may have also read my post, where I advocate planning your vacations for the year at the year’s beginning.  I am pushing very hard to plan the rest of my trips out, because when I go and scuba dive, when I get out and climb mountains, the benefits affecting my quality of life are at a maximum upon my return.  And I know that I cannot operate at a high level without these trips.

“Awe is an emotional response to something vast, and it challenges and expands our way of seeing the world. It might be triggered by an encounter with nature, a religious experience, a concert or a political rally or sports event. We’re not likely to find it on a treadmill at the gym”

Below is the article that inspired me – Enjoy reading!

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