So many many times in health and in life, the answer is under our nose, screams at us, but we don’t listen- it’s huge, it’s right in front of us.

There’s no life metaphor more powerful than that of ascending a great mountain.

But how can I convince you how great it is to live on a higher plane, and that furthermore, you can get there by acending mountains?

Mountains make us healthy, and they are all around us.  Use them.  They prepare us for life.  They are the same as life.  They are life. Feel the burn in your legs, and the pounding in your chest, as you throw yourself at the mountain bearing hard down on it hard, as your heart beats hard and rapidly for 6 hours straight with little break. How strong is your body, how strong is your mind, and your will?  Are you willing?  Are you potent?  Are you prepared?  There’s nothing that will lift your spirits, your willpower, your mindset, and your physical prowess like climbing a mountain.  And nothing that can better prepare one for life’s twists and turns, psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Don’t just read about it.   Summer’s coming. Do it.  You currently sit 25 minutes from the trailhead.

Below are photos of Colombia’s “Three Snowy Mountains” National Park.  Very few Americans have been to this place.  We hiked 75 miles, and were soaking wet for 6 days straight.  I’ve never been the same since.  I’ve never been more prepared for life.  I’ve never felt more alive.

Ascending El Nevado de Ruiz, 17,500 Ft, Zona Cafatera, Colombia, 2006

Brent Calkins, Dan Piper, El Nevado de Ruiz, 17500 ft (500km from the equator) , 2006

Jumping off of a mile high mountain in Espiritu Santo, Brazil, 2006

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