Dan PiperHere is a special blog post from my friend and trainee Brianna Soper who recently lost over 41lbs!  And guess what, she’s still working towards her goal weight and dream bod.  She tells it as it is with no of the fluff about what kind of mental energy it takes to stay on track no matter how busy you think you are.  Remember, somewhere, someone busier then you is working out and staying in shape:

“I’m a 24 year-old mom of two boys, married, working full-time, and I have a husband and house to take care of. Like many women out there, I gained weight from the three worst things for women; a lot of weight gain during my pregnancies, not enough time in the day, and stress. All of these circumstances caused me to go from an athletic 150 pounds in 2007 to the embarrassing weight of 212 pounds in mid 2009. At 212 pounds, I hit rock bottom. I felt un-sexy, afraid to go out and became depressed.  My relationship between my husband and I, my friends and myself all started to go in a downward spiral.

I knew I had to make a change to save my life, so in June of 2009 I reached out to the fitness community online and met David Mauntz. From the moment Dave and I started communicating, I knew he was the one that was going to help me change physically so that I could change all the self-doubt I had mentally! Dave was such a positive person and really motivated me to think of my weight loss process as more than a diet, rather he showed me how to make it lifestyle change. From my perception of food, to taking my workouts from long and slow to intense and fast, to pushing me beyond what my mind thought I could do, Dave has been there through it all and showed me that I could be strong, I could be a sexy mom, and I could balance a healthy lifestyle with my schedule!

Now I have lost over 29 inches off my body, lost 43 pounds, and feel the best I have ever felt. I may still be 15 pounds from my weight loss goal, but it is amazing that I am in the best athletic shape of my life! People never believe me when I tell them I still have weight to lose! I am still training with Dave and I know I will be to my goal soon! Dave will give you the workouts, the eating information and the positive re-enforcement to do it, you just have to be ready for the challenge!”

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