turbocharge-1HIIT Training.  What does it stand for?  (High Intensity Interval Training).  HIIT training is any method of high intensity exercise for brief periods of time with the intention to burn fat.

If your goal is weight loss and fat loss then you need to do some research about the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training.  Basically, HITT cardio is the best way to perform cardio because it burns fat up to 38 hours afterwards because its so intense.  Traditional slow steady state cardio only burns calories for an hour or 2 afterwards.

Have you ever seen a fat sprinter?  No.  I have never seen one here in Alameda or anywhere else for that matter.   Not any worth their weight at least.  Its impossible to exercise at their intensity and stay fat.  IMPOSSIBLE.   Here is the secret, not all sprinters are born lean.  Heck, we were all born at about the same weight but some of us grew.  But anyone who works out at this level of intensity will become lean in time.  Most people don’t want to look like a marathon runner either because they look skinny, weak and sickly.  But sprinters are SEXY because they burn fat the FAST way by performing their exercise fast.

Just pick a goal of distance and intensity(incline/resistance) and complete your exercise in less then 20  min by alternating between a slow walk and an intense sprint(about 90%-95% of your highest intensity abilities).  Everyone is different but we can all push ourselves past our current limits.  Sometimes, a sprint is simply a steady walk but the fat burn benefits are the same..

An alternate regimen based on a 2009 study(J Physiol 588) uses 60 seconds of intense exercise at 95% followed by 75 seconds of rest, repeated for 8-12 cycles. Subjects using this method trained 3 times per week, and obtained gains similar to what would be expected from subjects who did steady state training for five hours per week.

If its a good INTENSITY exercise, you will lose weight and you will do it ten times faster then the traditional steady state cardio we are used to.  I dare you.  Go out an run a 400 meters and take a minute off your time in a month and Ill show you a 8-15lbs fat loss.  Try it  and watch your body lean out!

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