Airport Workout


You can get into shape whenever and wherever you feel like it – I used to do this before long flights, and sometimes even inside the plane on a 15+ hr. flight.   Here’s an airport workout fit for any of you, or a team of Navy Seals to perform while waiting at the airport.

10 minutes of Knee, hip and arm rotations, and ulnloaded squats in place with arms extended forward.    (5 if short layover, but do not skip)

Everyone’s Routine
Repeat this circuit TWICE

10-50  Push ups
20-30 squats in place
15 Chair Dips (triceps)
15/15 Unilateral Shoulder Raises
25 V Ups
30 Spider Plank Crunches

Additional Exercises (add or replace the above exercises with these to add a degree of difficulty)
*Carryon Squats
-Carry on Overhead Squats
-Carry on Overhead Lunges
**Leg Extension Lunges
-Carry on overhead tricep press (grab handle)
***Carry on Dual Hammer Curls

*Hold on the ends in front, squat until it’s in front of your knees, then back up
**Extend ea. leg up high until parallel with floor on each step while lunging, hold a light bag in front of you at the same time (in the gym, one would hold up  a light medicine ball in front while performing the routine)
***Extend the carryon handle, hold it behind you by the handle w/both hands, and perform a tricep extension.  Also try with a lighter bag, if necessary.

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