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Dan is a personal trainer who grew up in Vista, California, in North San Diego County.  He played many sports growing up, from soccer to football to surfing.  After graduating from Cal State San Marcos in 1998, he worked in sales in Los Angeles, CA.  He immersed himself in studying nutrition and wellness, learning about the practical things we can do in modern life to maintain lifetime fitness. Shortly after, Dan started Workout4Results, a business that’s about helping people from any walk of life get better, stronger, fitter and reach higher levels of success in their lives.  

Dan’s surfed towering waves over 17 feet tall and loves playing competitive soccer.  But his favorite activities are centered in the Ocean, be it just swimming, scuba or free diving.  Dan once scaled El Nevado De Ruiz at 17,457 Feet in Colombia’s Parque Nacional de los Tres Nevados, utilizing only the most basic gear, having been given just 2 days notice.  Dan is a Certified RKC Russian Kettlebell Instructor, and was certified by Master RKC, International Speaker and Legendary Coach, Dan John.  

The Most Qualified Personal Trainer in Alameda

Dan’s brings a wide skill set as a Trainer, specializing in body alignment, hip and back issues, and getting people out of pain through Corrective Exercise.  He incorporates movement and overall athleticism into his programs for regular folks with a strong will to work on health and attain great physical strength.  Dan coaches with FMS protocols, which are also used in the NFL and other professional sports. He is a teacher, and loves to teach people workout without pain.  Dan also loves the joy shared by people he’s worked with to overcome major physical issues together with his professional team.  He works with people who have scoliosis, degenerative spines, knee and especially lower back problems. 

Personal Trainer Alameda

Dan uses FMS protocols founded by Gray Cook, one of the most prolific Physiotherapists of our day which is used extensively by NFL,MLB and by many Olympic coaches. He is one a handful of FMS certified trainers in the Bay Area. Besides coaching performance and strength, one of his niches is full body alignment, leading to performance gains and keeping folks healthy over their lifespan. He helps people fix chronic problems in their bodies that they’ve put up with for decades, people who have been in automobile accidents, and folks who have all but given up on feeling good and moving well. Dan helps people build bodies that can endure and stand up to life, that win competitions, and perhaps most importantly bodies that are pain free. A strong body will stand up to stress and disease – it will ensure that you a live a longer, fuller more productive life.

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