Your Body’s Variable Valve Timing System


~I don’t just want to write you this, I actually want to teach you this – please come to me with your questions~


Eating mindfully It works a lot like Variable Valve Timing in an automobile.  This adjusts the fuel mixture automatically, giving the vehicle more or less fuel and power, depending on how it’s driven.   With humans, our brain can do this – but we have to learn how to govern this (and didn’t have to until the industrial revolution) as it’s a brand new skill.  But it behooves us to learn it, as the benefits are similar – let’s take a look:


Here are the Benefits to Variable Valve Timing vs Benefits of Mindful Eating


V.V.Timing – Auto


  1. Time working to pay for more gasoline
  2. Money
  3. Energy (carying around the weight of extra fuel you don’t need)


Mindful Eating – Human

  1. Time (always buying food you don’t need)
  2. Money (”                      ”                                   )
  3. Energy (digesting food you don’t need to eat)

***added benefit – eating the correct nutrients will increase performance


Here’s how to start eating mindfully.  Try this trick on a Saturday or Sunday – it will work best when stress is reduced:


First thing in the morning, think about the activities you will perform over the next few hours.  Depending on the activity, eat accordingly (if your car can do this, trust me, you can too).  If your demands will be light, eat light.  If you have tons of yardwork to do, you want to be eating some heavier (or you can eat light and lose weight doing the yardwork – I’d do nuts and fruit).  Notice how I didn’t say eat more, but eat more heavily in substance.  Now, do this for the second half of the day/evening.  You should already be thinking about your activities tomorrow at this point, to help figure out what to eat this evening If you are going running or doing physical stuff in the morning, you can and should eat more tonight. Why? Well, you will still be a little full in the morning, but you have all of those digested nutrients in your blood, so you can get on with the workout right away, and eat less as it’s just not so necessary.  Is this so hard? Well, perhaps at first it is, but in the end, it saves time and money.


Now that I’ve established that we can think about what our bodily needs will be and adjust our intake accordingly, it should be quite obvious that we can reduce our intake and become skinnier this way, or conversely, increase our intake when we need to perform or to endure.  Much like an accountant eliminates wasteful spending by categorizing and allocating, and just like a vehicle eliminates wasted fuel by only consuming what it needs by advanced valve timing, we must adjust our eating based on what our needs will be.


So stop:  listen to your body – what does it need right now based on what your motor has to do?


Some tricks I’ve learned:


Need power? Eat potatoes and greens.

Need to sleep? Eat some bread or fibrous carbs ………………

Need to Sleep? Drink milk or eat yogurt

Need to burn fat? Eat Nuts if you had a lot of animal fat within the last 2 days (poly-unsaturated fat is the      energy source our bodies must have in order to burn saturated fat)

Need to think? Eat fat/chocolate/caffeine

Can’t eat for a few hours? Eat red meat/sausage/salami

Need to stay satiated until the next meal? (This is why I eat dairy with most meals – this is a counter     intuitive trick that has worked for me a ton)

Eat a huge lunch late in the day, have a glass of wine and light ors d’oeuvres and skip dinner (intermittent fasting).


**When your body says “I’m hungry”, we interpret this as the need for more, whereas what it usually means is that we are lacking the nutrition we should have had in the last few meals.  We can realize and act upon this, or fight this for life.  I’ve challenged certain clients to try this, and  the response!….- “It’s surprising how little we actually need to eat, when you give your body what it needs”.


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