Happy Autumn – the most beautiful time of the year.

Here’s what you need to know about this time of the year in regards to fitness.

This is the easiest time of the year to get fit.  It’s the nicest time to hike.  It’s the nicest time to walk out and check the mail. It’s the nicest time to take the pooch for a walk. It’s the easiest season to be friendly, calm and relaxed.  I love it.  Being from San Diego, I’m not used to how beautiful it is out here.  Last week, I took a jog by the bay from the AMF lanes to Webster St. and back.   The weather at 7:30 was, let’s say – luke warm, it was so nice.

Winter is around the corner.

  As many of you who have been working out for years now know, winter is  a totally different animal, when it comes to staying with your fitness. Days that are gradually colder, shorter and darker don’t exactly help when it comes to finding the motivation to get out and be active.  Below, I have some tips you can try yourself.  Honestly, I have not gotten any better at facing the winter and keeping fit, in all these years training and being a gym rat.  I always confront the same challenges – MOSTLY in the motivation department.  But in order to ride this feeling of being in peak fitness all winter long, and not gaining 20 extra lbs this winter, or even 5 extra lbs., I have a plan in place that I’d like to share with you, in the form of some tips (thought it’s actually my exact plan).  We are in this together to motivate each other, so walk up to me and tell me what’s workin for you!  And before you know it, we will be in mid-March, making those plans for the beach again like nothing happen – but as for now, the clouds are comin………….


1. Buy a very nice, stylish exercise/rain suit that I like so much, I want to wear it all of the time.  This will get me outside for those walks and runs, and possibly to even catch those extra vitamin D rays, even when we don’t feel like it!  Why? Well, because I want to be out lookin good in my new rain suit – that’s why – duh!

2. Lots of walks around Lake Merrit IT’s FULLY LIGHTED all the way around – hey, it’s lit.  And there will be a thousand other fit people there too all winter – we’re there to smile and support each other, all the way through turkey day!

3. Get a favorite class and go to it!  I’ll be attending Yoga, Pilates, you name it – hey, I need the motivation from  my fellow peeps!

4. Train “High Intensity” 2x per week.  Fat is burned in 2 main ways – 1. low intensity activities like walking, chewing gum, gossiping  2. High intensity kettlebells, whole body movements with short rest periods.  Let’s face it, we’re less active in winter – so ill be showing you how to work out HIT style – which will jump start you, and make you feel like being more active, while burning tons of fat!

5. Experiment with light.   My experiment this winter will be installing different colored lights where I sleep.  Green and Blue light has been shown to affect our Circadian Rythm, or our 24 hour clock, which is thrown off kilter during winter.  I met an engineer who has developed some lights for this purpose.  I’ll be buying some of his lights at  Read up at

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