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Hi, I’m Dan Piper, Certified Personal Trainer and RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor.  I specialize in Athletic Training and Sports Injury/Rehabilitation.  My job is to help you get strong, safely. I also love working with people to overcome chronic pain.  I’ll provide you with the nicest environment, a private gym with brand new state of the art equipment. If you’re an athlete – I’ll help you gain an elite advantage so that you can totally dominate in your sport, whether it be football, basketball, boxing or MMA.

Private Training

This is for athletes who are in a phase where they prefer closer guidance. Rehabilitation sessions are also best done in this setting, at least at first, or folks with with special concerns. I have great sports Doctor on my team to make sure you get appropriate car during your recovery.

Semi-Private Training

Work in groups of 1-3. Sometimes you will be alone with the coach, other times you will be with a couple of other athletes. You will have lot’s of one on one time with the Coach to achieve you’re goals, whether its post injury rehab, or you’re training for you’re training for that big match, game or fight!

Functional Movement System (FMS)

A movement screen widely used in professional sports, Dan uses this to asses an athlete’s specific and overall movement patterns.  Exercises are assigned to correct movement issues that inhibit athletic performance, and build a much stronger athlete with better movement, less pain, and more resilience.

FMS Rehabilitation Details

Fight Cancer with Strength Training

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Dan Piper
Certified Personal Trainer
RKC Russian Kettlebell Instructor
Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

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